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The company just released an email showing where you can find several of their rifles at the show. Below is the content of the email they released this morning.



In the SENTRY Products Group – Hexmag (Booth #3426) you can find our:

  • Christine, the feature, Phoenix Weaponry’s 45-70 Auto production rifle
  • Custom 45-70 Auto with custom wood forend, grip and stock with one Phoenix Weaponry’s Suppressors
  • Morgan, one of their light weight 3 Gun SBR’s with one of Phoenix Weaponry’s Suppressors
  • Phoenix Weaponry’s Suppressed.308 SBR in Red & Black Fractured Earth
  • A Custom Suppressed .458 Socom, with custom wood forend and Stock a top a 1911 style grip with wood panels



In the SENTRY Product Group booth (#614) you can find our:

  • Ashley, A Suppressed long range precision rifle in a tiger stripped Cerakote pattern chambered in .223
  • Charly, Phoenix Weaponry’s 7.5″ pistol chambered in 5.56
  • Phoenix Weaonpry’s Custom 338-06 Integrally Suppressed rifle



At the American Mountain Supply booth (#116) you will find our:

  • Lexi, Phoenix Weaponry’s forged upper and lower 5.56 rifle in burnt bronze.
  • Phoenix Weaponry’s 9mm Suppressor a top a SigSauer P226



In the Nosler booth (#13951) you can find our:

  • Phoenix Weaponry’s .22 Nosler with one of their suppressors and a custom cerakote coating


At the Burris booth (#12755) you can find our:

  • Lexi, our forged upper and lower 5.56 rifle in burnt bronze
  • Erin, A light weight 3 Gun rifle in black and red fractured earth cerkote pattern
  • Audry, A black and gray camo SBR with one of our suppressors
  • One our custom 16″ 5.56 rifles in a black and blue camo pattern
  • Lexi, This one is done up in blue anodized